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Jul 19, 2020

Karen and Barry Mason fell into a business as a stop gap while they searched around for a real career. What they created at Circus of Books was nothing short of a mecca and First Amendment haven for their customers, employees, and the queer community  that reached farther than anyone expected. 

Show Highlights:

Jul 11, 2020

We're over here in the lockdown planning Andre's big gay wedding after watching Thai, Gabriele, and Jeremiah bring some pure joy to deserving couples. 

Show Highlights: 

-Andre wants his wedding to blow the straights out of the water

-Lisa tells all about her and Ian’s pirate-themed Halloween wedding

-Why y’all...

Jul 11, 2020

This Netflix doc shows up just how messed up Trans representation, treatment, and inclusion has been. 

Show highlights:

-Not Mrs. Doubtfire! Everyone is guilty. Even your favs. 

-The stereotypes and typecasting of Trans people

-Why this doc is an extremely valuable resource

-It’s not just a TV show… it’s...

Jul 6, 2020

SPOILERS! We're just as blown away as you are after seeing this popular musical on Disney+. Andre leads us in a discussion of the Broadway-changing phenom Hamilton. We talk about the love, the hate, and the wig snatching of Lin-Manuel Miranda's retelling of American history.