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Oct 29, 2019

"Farewell has a sweet sound of reluctance. Goodbye is short and final, a word with teeth sharp to bite through the string that ties the past to the future." -- John Steinbeck. Oh, and spoilers. 


Oct 22, 2019

SPOILERS! Whiterose has officially run out of patience. Elliot doesn't ask this time. Vera wants to connect with his Architect. Who's in the white van this time.  

Oct 16, 2019

SPOILERS! The Other One?! Monster? Is that you? Yeah, we're spiraling, too. 

Oct 8, 2019

SPOILERS! Well, the final season of Mr. Robot got started with a bang. Two, in fact. It also saw its creator playing god without permission. Ian, Lisa, Andre, and Angie discuss crazy Christmas time in the city for Mr. Robot and Elliot. WTF, friend!