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Jun 26, 2018

SPOILERS! We went from hating it to "oh snap!" after a good long think and rewatch. Are you in or out for season 2 of Westworld. Full disclosure: We're just regular humans so what do we know anyway? Come discuss with us! 

Jun 17, 2018

Jonathan, Antoni, Karamo, Tan, and Bobby are baaaaack! How much did you cry? Because we cried A LOT, boobee! 

Jun 15, 2018

SPOILERS! Slip and fall, murder, or owl? The rollercoaster ride that is The Staircase, what has been called the Citizen Kane of documentaries. Were you satisfied with how it ended? Was justice served? 

Jun 3, 2018

SPOILERS! Are you doing shots and thinking about what Paige is about to do next?! Us too! So much happened and we didn't see any of it coming. Just like a sneak attack by an illegal!