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Oct 31, 2017


So, hey, yeah. Um. Well, that happened. Is it us or was that whole thing extremely frustrating? 

Oct 27, 2017


What happened in those three days after the Five Nine hack? Tyrell is a superstar at woodchopping. Christian Slater does an excellent Rami Malek. Irving has been with us for a long time, turns out. And Whiterose is a full-time string-pulling OG. Join us for Robot!  

Oct 25, 2017

Well, was all of the lead up worth it? Does the show deserve its lower ratings? Is Maggie giving birth to the tiniest baby ever? Did you catch all of those easter eggs? Step into our backyard and join us. 

Oct 19, 2017


This episode shook us like Robot shook Darlene. We are RATTLED! But in the most delightful ways. Pour yourself a bowl of water from Elliot's kitchen, put on your best Trunk Club Shirt, and sit down on our retro dingy punched pleather couch. We're going in!  

Oct 13, 2017


Season 3 of Mr. Robot kicked into high gear and packed a punch of our collective guts and other orifices (orifi?). Join us for a full-on discussion of what duality and disintegration will truly mean this season.