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Jul 25, 2017


We get into that packed episode 2! So many things happened. So many emotional, revealing things about Varys, Olenna, Jaime, and Sam! Plus, we say goodbye to some controversially problematic characters. Plus, a couple gets it while another one get shipblocked. Come and see. 

Jul 23, 2017

Lisa gets excited about the sportsball, specifcally the NFL. Ian talks about why this series is a good choice for the sports fan and the newb. Also, new fav. John Fassel. 

Jul 18, 2017


GoTs is baaaaack! And we're more excited than Sam's discovery about Dragonstone! Come on in and join us as we get into that stellar season 7 premiere. Wine, anyone? 

Jul 2, 2017


Season 3 of Better Call Saul was soooo freaking good, right?! We talk about all of the stuff that made this season pop. Nacho! Chuck! Jimmy! Saul! Kim! Howard! Mike! We also talk about the stellar first season of American Gods. The casting. The chemistry between Mad Sweeney and Dead Wife Laura. That scene...

Jul 2, 2017

Artist, teacher, author, and all round wonderful dude Anthony Waters joins us to talk about the Magic the Gathering Grand Prix in Vegas, con frenzy, cool fans, new projects, and other dope shiz.