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Dec 24, 2017

SPOILERS! We didn't do the traditional Top 10. Instead, we talk about the shows that stood out. At least, the ones we could get too. So here's what we thought were the best TV shows of 2017. Press play! 

Dec 16, 2017

SPOILERS! Mr. Robot's season 3 finale answered questions and opened up a lot more but boy was it disturbing, satisfying, and whole lot of WOW! 

Dec 10, 2017

SPOILERS! Whiterose may have overplayed her hand. Lover Assistant Grant knows what's up. Darlene and Dom barter. Angela has done lost her damn mind. Robot and Tyrell flirt. Well, the way they do. Vans everywhere!  


Dec 1, 2017

SPOILERS! Elliot has the strangest day of all days. One of the best episodes of Mr. Robot yet. Give Rami Malek an Emmy already. 

Nov 24, 2017

SPOILERS! Oh, man... we need a hug from KITT.