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Aug 2, 2020

Ian, Andre, and Lisa have one of their tea spilling sessions where they discuss lockdown life, the Emmys snubbing Mr. Robot, and the possible curse Andre's grandma placed on him, us, and now you.

Aug 1, 2020

Singer, songwriter, producer, screenwriter, and future director... Charity Ekeke's career path is as unique as her music. Her latest album Life reflects Charity's joyful outlook and razor sharp depiction of current events. Ever the teacher, Charity shared some useful pro tips with us, too.  

Jul 19, 2020

Karen and Barry Mason fell into a business as a stop gap while they searched around for a real career. What they created at Circus of Books was nothing short of a mecca and First Amendment haven for their customers, employees, and the queer community  that reached farther than anyone expected. 

Show Highlights:

Jul 11, 2020

We're over here in the lockdown planning Andre's big gay wedding after watching Thai, Gabriele, and Jeremiah bring some pure joy to deserving couples. 

Show Highlights: 

-Andre wants his wedding to blow the straights out of the water

-Lisa tells all about her and Ian’s pirate-themed Halloween wedding

-Why y’all...

Jul 11, 2020

This Netflix doc shows up just how messed up Trans representation, treatment, and inclusion has been. 

Show highlights:

-Not Mrs. Doubtfire! Everyone is guilty. Even your favs. 

-The stereotypes and typecasting of Trans people

-Why this doc is an extremely valuable resource

-It’s not just a TV show… it’s...